Sunday, January 16, 2011

CVS 1/16/11

This time around I am going to be more conscious of the items I purchase couponing. My goal this year is to save while couponing to to help eliminate debt.

So, to get started, I first stop this year was to CVS. My stockpile has slowly withered so now its time to get back on track.

Transaction 1
3 packs of Charmin ultra soft tissue @ $9.99 each
(note: the deal is for the 16 rolls but some stores have bonus pack left over from a previous deal which includes 4 more rolls)

Total including tax was $32.07 OOP, received $10 ECB.

Transaction 2
6 pepsi product 12 packs @ 3/$20

USED: $10 ECB from trans 1

Total including tax was $10.60 OOP, received $10 ECB

Transaction 3
2 Purex liquid detergent B1G1 @ $6.59
Goddie Scunci @ $2.99

USED: $10 ECB from transaction 2

Total was $.14 OOP.

Finally, I paid $39.45 + tax for $92.08 worth of merchandise!!!

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