Wednesday, July 22, 2009

$1.15 for DINNER!!!!

Tonite, I decided to cook, instead of eating out. We usually spend between $6 to $15 dollars depending on where we go-from Wendy's to Zaxby's. To cook my meal, it only cost me $1.15, using food items in my kitchen's stockpile. Saving money is so wonderful!

So, for dinner, I cook a pasta dish. My SO does not care for spaghetti so I used Muellers Penne, Ragu pasta sauce, Kroger ground beef and New York Texas Toast on the side. I used half box of pasta, half jar of sauce, and half pack of beef. I only used 2 toast from the pack. Now for the price breakdown:

Muellers pasta cost me $.31
$.50 for the sauce
$1 for the beef
$1.20 for 8ct box of toast

I calculate $1.15 was used for the portion I cooked tonite.
pasta $.15, sauce $.25, beef $.50, and toast $.25.

BTW, it was delicious!!!!!!! There was even enough for seconds for the both of us!

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